Welcome to the worldly adventures of SEVEN

SEVEN is a collective of multi-disciplined artists from rural Nova Scotia. Collaboration is the foundation for creativity, where each artist responds artistically in her own medium to a selected theme. Through collective discourse, various elements combine to form a much richer body of thought - adding new and perhaps unforeseen levels of creativity and interpretation.

Rurally routed to their tidal landscape, SEVEN knows, what goes out, does come in.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

February, a Month of Creation for Upcoming Show!

We are not spending a lot of time on our 'confusers' these days, at least not as a group.
However, we are and have been busy with our individual artwork and other matters of life and suddenly ..... we are in February, and February which is such a short month is almost gone, now that is enough to make one's hair, be it long or short stand up pretty straight on the head.

But onto something more timely and which is on my mind a lot these days.

The sequel to the show Exchange/Udveksling which we took to Denmark in August 2010 is about to be revealed and uncovered in just a month and a half from now.

On March 30 at 7pm we are celebrating the opening of our new show Udveksling/Exchange, at the Craig Gallery in Dartmouth. 

 An exhibit of new work by the members of SEVEN inspired by the travels in Denmark, talks and discussions, photo gazing and contemplations after our return back to Canada. 
As we get closer to the date the excitement will grow and we will share some of this with you in the weeks to come.

Wishing you all beautiful cool, crisp, sunny winterdays!