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SEVEN is a collective of multi-disciplined artists from rural Nova Scotia. Collaboration is the foundation for creativity, where each artist responds artistically in her own medium to a selected theme. Through collective discourse, various elements combine to form a much richer body of thought - adding new and perhaps unforeseen levels of creativity and interpretation.

Rurally routed to their tidal landscape, SEVEN knows, what goes out, does come in.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Intentions were good...

Sometimes life's adventures take up all of one's time, leaving little time to blog about life's adventures.  Such was the case during my adventure that began in Denmark and spilled over into these days since my return.  

I embarked on this artistic exchange, fully open to absorbing the Danish culture's art, design and aesthetic - consciously unaware at the time that these are, of course, methods of communication. I fully expected to return with a new clarity to “seeing” that one often experiences after time spent elsewhere. I certainly didn't expect to come back with a new-found awareness of intent in communication.

Placing visual communication aside, I quickly discovered that travelling with three other strong, independent women, places every nuance, word and expression under a microscope of scutiny. The situation challenges one to be conscious of word choices, tone, phrasing and even silences.

By immersing myself in this exchange with SEVEN, by stepping away from my usual surroundings, routines and companions, I gained clarity – clarity of my own communication shortcomings. I've been humbled to know that after 48 years, I'm still not the great communicator I was hoping to be.

But, through this exchange, the ground has shifted - or I've shifted. I can now see how deeply affected we all are by the intention behind communication of every kind. Our intent is paramount. No matter what form it takes - be it a piece of music, a speech, a painting or a conversation with a friend, what matters most is intent. Whether we consciously realize it or not, we all see through to the real intention - the true reason for the communication, which explains why we may be moved by one thing and not another.

My opportunity now is to enhance all facets of my communications, both visually and in my everyday conversations - to hold my intent close so I can keep an eye on it.   


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Snails, slugs, a different kind of beauty

When we were in Hoersholm at Elin Friis' homestudio on Saturday, August 14, 2010 we were really rather fortunate in many, many ways.
We got there and the weather was still dry, we go set up in a very focused short amount of time, we did have a few visitors and ...... For it was very inspiring that this place is actually situated right one the edge of an area of protected forest, Tokkekoeb Hegn.

There were well groomed pathways both for pedestrians, non motorized bikes and horses. The area covers 631 hectares and is magnificently green and luscious.

There are benches and pieceful spots to take a break from a meandering walk or a brisk trot. Lots of wildlife too.

Slugs from my childhood memories, large red and black ones, about two pinkies wide and 3-4 inches long as they were meandering along the path and much shorter when they were protecting themselves or resting somewhere safe

I am quite infatuated with the texture of these beautiful creatures. One of these days I will figure out why it is that they have sort of a saddle around the front part of their bodies and are so different along the back part, flexibility perhaps.

That is surely the case about their 'edges' which help propel them along in their search for mates, food and protection.

One of the black ones, making some kids think they are made from licorise - like my husband's brother who ate one when he was 4 or so and didn't feel too good for the rest of that day.

And last but not least we met this very busy little dung beetle who was working on his pantry project both on our way in when we passed him the first time and on our way back whe he seemed to be at a slight standstill.
As I am looking at these closeups of some of the creatures we share the surface of this planet with I also end up rejoicing at the gravel which inadvertantly show up in photos taken close to the ground, texture close to my heart!

.........................Beach rock and sand from another fresh walk. ............ Pia

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How not to post a blog!

And so this morning I put my mind to write a little piece about our exhibit in Hoersholm, just North of Copenhagen. And I had forgotten to put the rith adress in the posting which meant that ....
The posting is only on www.wonderouswoolerie.blogspot.com
I have tried to repost it but it didn't seem to work, thus, please click on the above link and enjoy it from that vantage point instead.
Have a great week every one

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How things develop and get our creative juices flowing

Marilyn and Pam had talks about crocheting and interesting vocabulary. Pam had found a new word on the internet which precisely covers what she does when she free form crochets - it is called scrumbeling and we have been using that word for quite a few days now.

In the view of the excitement of the scrumbeling word and the fact that we are all used to using our hands creatively, the fact that Pam had brought a bunch of crochet needles and the fact that Marilyn found a yarn store where she got herself and us some interesting yarn, well, a new exchange project came to life.

We asked anyone visiting us if they would care to crochet a bit on a scrumbeling piece which Marilyn and Pam started out. We had experienced crocheters who sat down and worked away with swiftness of hand and needle, shaping and twirling along.

We had some less experienced fibre enthusiasts who still took to the challenge and kept their tongues straight in their mouths and managed to crochet a nice piece on the now very communal scrumbeling piece which grew by bits and pieces, changing colour whenever a new set of hands picked it up

The hope is that when we exhibit in VaerkstedsGalleriet in Kerteminde next month, we can leave the piece in a basket and any person coming into the gallery will fell inspired and invited to pick up the needle and choose their yarn to crochet for a while.

Whether it will end up as a cape or a cloak remains to be seen, especially since we are hoping to have the same piece going in April 2011, when we do the exhibit showcasing our works at the Craig Gallery in Dartmouth, NS, inspired by the trip which we are right in the middle of experiencing this very moment in time.

And finally the grand finale which we didn't share with you the other day when the piece about the opening was posted. We were given a bottle of champagne and after everyone had left ........ Well we opened up the bottle and ......

It kind of exploded in our faces under much laughter and hooting. Next activity on the list was to clean up the floor and then we toasted and relaxed into the joyful feeling of an opening well attended and full of positive energy.

The days keep rolling by with many new experiences, tomorrow we are heading out on yet another expedition, this time to ... A different part of the country!

Cheers, Pia

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Djed and Nhh

At the opening on Thursday we were lucky enough to have at least one very keen poetry person, he also happens to be a passionate egyptologist = well versed in anything Egyptian and ancient.
He listened intently to Kelly's poem, paper in hand, and then he continued over to dwell by Marie's words. Before he left the gallery he pulled me aside and told me the following:
There were two different kinds of poetry in ancient Egypt
One is linear, taking you from one place to the next, it is called Djed
The other is rythmically rolling the words along in desciption and contemplation, it is called Nhh, there are no visible vowels in this word, you just at an e sound where you fancy, Jeppe said it sort of like Nhehe.
So what I wanted to say is that in our group of SEVEN we are fortunate to have a Djed poet, Marie and a Nhh poet Kelly, the way it has been in the past and the way it will continue to be in the future. Connections and exchanges, now and then.
Off to the gallery, Pia

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fernisering and Opening night in Trepkasgade, Copenhagen

Fourty eight hours ago we were cleaning up at the gallery after the many happy guests who had chosen to come and join us at this event had left us.

The following is perhaps not so much great litterature to read as it will hopefully be eye candy so you can see with your own eyes how delightful, fun and busy evening we had on Thursday night, August 5, 2010.

The window is decorated, examples of what our visitors can expect to feast their eyes upon when they enter the door to the magic wonderland of
Seven - a Group of Six Visual Artists and one Poet
and their take on the words: Exchange/Udveksling

The flags are up and festively waving at people walking, bicycling or driving by, gently inviting them to come and join us for a celebration of the initial exhibit of our big adventure.

We have worked on putting our best foot forward for quite a while and are hoping that we will succeed.

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of 6pm when the guests will start to arrive.

The first guests to arrive a little early, quite a blessing since we had someone to practise welcoming salutes and art explanations on.t

And as the rooms started to fill up with smiling guests, there were flowers and bottles of wine being places in our surprised and very thankful arms.

Greetings and initial looking over the art work which had grand wall space upon which to shine.

Conversations and thoughts about the pieces, I do believe the thoughtfull looks in this photo comes from checking out three of Deborah's cows peacefully hanging alongside each other on the wall.

Discussing prices on pieces, for after the show has finished its tour in Denmark and has returned to Canada, anyone who has fallen in love with one or several of the pieces can choose to purchase it/them and have it/them shipped back to Denmark.

Business and talk time in the middle room by the sink where more flowers were being put into vases and by the table where chips and grapes, fluid and chewy ones were being thoroughly enjoyed as well as the beautiful eye candy pieces from Angela Melanson, which received many admiring glances and looks, not to mention many words of high praise.

And here we are at the end of the evening, all guests have gone home and we are feeling rather tired but also very, very happy and thankful that so many people turned up, so many questions were asked and so many conversations about art, creative expression and its necessity for a happy life had taken place.

It has taken us a few days to post this, phew, for the next morning we were a little tired since ...we were invited out for a beer after closing and didn't get any shut-eye until 02am the next morning, for me at least an amazing feat to last that long before collapsing.

Cheers, Pia

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colour palette inspirations and the highlight of my exchange (so far)

Pam and I stumbled upon a funky little gallery where we met a most amazing feminist/artist/designer who creates fabulous, one of a kind works of wearable art by reconstructing clothing.  Very elegant, very Danish.  Lin is her name and she was Cosmopolitan Magazine's Art Director with Helen Gurley-Brown during the 1960s.  Of course I bought two items of her beautiful wearable art and quite literally giggled and danced all the way back to our apartment.  Now, that's an exchange!

Warm regards,

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Deborah's highlights from Day 5

Greetings from Copenhagen!

I could really relate to this piece yesterday!

Looking up.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Let's get down to the art of it!

Yesterday, we visited open studios and met several artists along Roerholmsgade.  They were all friendly, interesting and engaging and some even plan to visit our exhibit here in Copenhagen.  Speaking of which, we hung our work today and will put the finishing touches on tomorrow.  Here are some before photos:

Venlig hilsen,

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Deborah's Favourite Photos from Day 3

Smooth Sailing!

We were tired after the arrival to Copenhagen on Friday afternoon, but thankfully there was someeone to pick us up at the airport, two cars with two happy drivers whom I hadn't seen for 5 years. Time easily passes when living on two different continents.
We scaled the stairs to the fifth floor appartment we have been installed in - and ... The suitcases flew up the stairs, helped along by my brother who ..... Lives on the 6th floor and bicycles every day. Thank goodness for his help, we made it up with some huffing and puffing but no danger of cardiac arrests, our legs will be extra strong when leaving to go home again.
A telephone call was made to the shipper before closing time and ..... Tomorrow morning, Monday, we will go to the gallery just before 9 am and wait for the delivery truck to arrive sometime before lunch. We did make it down to the gallery on Friday afternoon and visited with Elin Friis the gallery owner for a little while, got instructions and a key, we really are here and tomorrow it starts up full speed ahead getting the exhibit out of the crate and organized on the walls.
Deborah did post a blog for SEVEN on Friday .... But in the jet lagged atmosphere of the appartment it ended up here
Such is life and today is another grand day with inspirational visits around town, much walking and even more talking and planning for future work and ventures.
Stay tuned!