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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Boo Hoo - A change of plans with a happy ending!

It's raining today. To make myself feel better - it was probably a bad day to be traveling. I was supposed to be leaving this evening for Heathrow Airport and a 3 day stopover in London before I flew to Copenhagen. Three weeks ago I realized there was no way I could afford this trip and told the group that I couldn't go. The main reason is money. I'm a self employed single artist so saving money is rarely an option.  Another reason is timing and I need these summer months to keep my business going and money coming in. There is no partner of any kind to share the load. It's all up to me to make it happen and so far this summer money just hasn't been coming in like I had hoped. There are many things that have gotten in the way of this trip. I wanted so badly to go with the group and see first hand the responses to our work at the Gallery openings. I had also planned an extended trip in order to take advantage of an expensive trip to Europe. 

Back in October 2009, I realized I needed employment to help pay for this trip and to help myself make a transition in careers. I have no commitments like pets or family to look after, it would be the perfect opportunity to take off to Europe. Would I ever get this chance again? I wanted to get away from familiar things while I figured out what I was going to do for a career and also to keep healing from the copper poisoning. It was to be about some self - discovery and observation of the people in Europe. What's trendy, popular or in style in Europe usually gets here a little later so I figured it would give me a leg up in terms of ideas for making money. I got a job serving at a little cafe in town on November 1st. Closed my studio December 31st, then moved into a 3 month house sit. I was looking after 2 crazy Border Collies and would be saving on 3 months rent in a beautiful house perched on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Minas Basin.  When I was interviewed for the job I was upfront about leaving and told them I was going to go for 5 - 6 months. By mid - March I had $700.00 in the bank for the trip and was caught up with debts. Then I walked into work for my regular shift one day and saw a new waitress working. I wondered what was going on and who got fired? Turns out it was me! They told me that because I couldn't work Saturdays (never did because of my stall at the Farmer's Market) and because I was leaving in July they realized I didn't fit into their 'restructuring' of the cafe. They said sorry and I was terminated on the spot with a 2 week severance payment (what was legally required). After a month of looking for work and not finding anything I could do or to find anyone that would hire me for only a few months I realized that I would just have to make money on my own and try not to spend any. I also decided that a 5-6 month trip was too long and reduced it to 2 months. I bought and paid for my flight with a friend's air miles - the tax alone was almost $500.00 and figured I was halfway there. Then came 2 months of below average sales. Then came the opportunity for a perfect place to live and since I was bouncing around so much I decided that planting roots was important and maybe I could manage it all. WRONG! The stress was just too much, and when that happens my body reacts with pain and stiffness so I made the decision to cancel the trip. Once I made that plan the anxiety tension in my shoulders and head released its grip and when that happened I realized that my flight was bought and paid for and it would only cost me $90 to change it. So I did! I am going ahead with the same trip I'll just miss out on the Gallery openings, traveling with the group and interacting with the people who are interested in our work. I'll be missing a lot and I am sad about that. Now I am going when I am normally doing nothing much other than recouperating from the Christmas season and thinking of new things to do for the New Year. I just booked my new flight today. I leave on the 4th of January and return on the 24th of February. The plan is to get on the train and go! Where? I'll start in Denmark, get the feel of the people and the city the group experienced - was thinking maybe one of the girls could plant something somewhere in Copenhagen for me to find when I get there! Then get on the train and do a big circle pattern thru Europe to bring me back to my departure in Denmark. Prague, Southern Italy and Greece are mandatory! The last thing I want to do is plan where and when I'll be - I know I'll like a place enough to stay a few extra days so I'll just wing it! Crazy plan? YES! Am I crazy enough to go traipsing thru Europe by myself at the age of 48? YES!

I'll be recording everything about the trip that I can. Video, sound, photographs, writing and drawing will come together in the form of a multi-media show. Live music, storytelling, poetry and performance will accompany the visual display. I'll figure out a way to display this at our follow-up show at the Craig Gallery and I'll definitely have it available at one of our local theaters. This format seems to be a natural progression for me so maybe this is what I'm meant to do for a creative outlet. Stay tuned!
Happily signing out and wishing my girls a very successful and safe trip. 
Marie xo

 This is me 20 years ago on my first trip to Europe.

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  1. Good for you to make a decision which relaxes your shoulders and allows you to stay happy, we shall be pleased and delighted to show and talk about your work in your absence, Pia